2021 ARThritis Soirée: Tickets Available Now!

Are you an Albertan with osteoarthritis? We want to hear from you!   Start and end date:...

Lupus patients face higher risk of hip fracture

Research reveals care gap for rheumatoid arthritis patients who smoke or are obese

Rheumatoid arthritis patients at heightened risk for life-threatening blood clot




What is Arthritis Research?

What is Arthritis Research?   When people hear the term “research,” they picture scientists in white lab coats examining specimens under microscopes. Their goal? To find a cure, develop a medication, create a vaccine. While a great deal of research strives to...

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ARThritis Soirée goes virtual on May 27, 2021!

ARThritis Soirée goes virtual on May 27, 2021!Support arthritis research from the safety of your home. January 7, 2021 (Vancouver, BC) – Arthritis Research Canada’s signature event, the ARThritis Soirée, will celebrate its 8th year of raising awareness and funds for...

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New Year, New Arthritis Research

As we leave 2020 behind, we face 2021 with a renewed sense of hope. Hope that vaccines put an end to the global pandemic. Hope that we see our friends and family again soon. Hope that life returns to normal. Hope is something people with arthritis know well, whether...

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Healthy Holiday Tips for People with Gout

Healthy Holiday Tips for People with Gout Frothy hot chocolate, roast turkey and buttery piesーthe most wonderful time of the year is upon us in all its abundance and decadence. It can be tempting to indulge during the holidays, but when you have gout those indulgences...

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30-Day Exercise Challenge for Arthritis

30-Day Exercise Challenge for Arthritis 30 days of motion is lotion for your joints! Regular exercise is an integral part of your overall health, and especially important for those living with arthritis. However, finding the best exercises that work for your body and...

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