About Us

Who We Are

Dedicated to understanding, advancing and sharing knowledge about arthritis research


Arthritis Research Canada was created in 1999 in recognition of the tremendous potential that research can bring to arthritis treatment in Canada, and indeed, the world.

Arthritis Research Canada has earned international attention as a leading arthritis research environment. We have built a strong multi-disciplinary research team of outstanding medical doctors and research scientists, and we willingly collaborate with medical professionals around the world.

With centres in British Columbia, Alberta, Quebec, and Nova Scotia, we are dedicated to understanding, advancing and sharing knowledge about the causes of arthritis, and addressing issues that are impacting people with arthritis right now.

We are proud to be affiliated with the University of British Columbia (UBC) and the Vancouver Coastal Health Research Institute (VCHRI).  We have also established a partnership with Simon Fraser University (SFU) with the creation of the Maureen and Milan Ilich/Merck Chair in Statistics for Arthritis and Musculoskeletal Diseases. Additionally, in Alberta we are affiliated with the University of Calgary and the McCaig Institute for Bone and Joint Health, in Quebec, with Laval University, McGill University, and Université de Montréal , and in Nova Scotia with Dalhousie University.

Arthritis in its more than 100 forms is the most costly, chronic disease in Canada affecting over 6 million Canadians and is the number one reason for work disability. Our scientific team is currently engaged in over 100 studies covering the breadth of arthritis. We are determined to reduce the burden of arthritis and give those with this disease more timely and cost-effective solutions to address their healthcare needs.




What We Do

Practical research for everyday living


Arthritis Research Canada conducts clinical research aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis, new and better treatment, and improved quality of life.

We are a patient-oriented research centre, and we approach our work from a wide range of disciplines including: rheumatology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, kinesiology, occupational therapy, pharmacy, rehabilitation science, public health, epidemiology, health psychology and behavioural change, health economics, health systems assessment, biostatistics, education, pediatrics, and knowledge translation. Our team is steadfast in their determination to reduce the burden of this disease.

Arthritis Research Canada’s important work is supported through working relationships and partnerships with universities, hospitals, funding agencies, arthritis treatment centres, both the British Columbia and Yukon Division and the National Office of The Arthritis Society, and the Government of British Columbia. As well, Arthritis Research Canada is incredibly proud to have the generous support of many individuals, corporations and foundations from across Canada, who are all committed to the advancement of arthritis research.

We are committed to practical research for everyday living, which means finding the answers NOW to reduce the burden of arthritis, and give people with arthritis better, more timely, and cost-effective solutions for living with their disease.


Mission Statement

Our Mission is to transform the lives of people impacted by arthritis through patient-centred research and engagement.


Vision Statement

Our Vision is a world where people living with arthritis can thrive.


We are patient-centred


Everything we undertake is done with and for the benefit of people at risk of or living with arthritis.

We are collaborative


We work effectively across disciplines, specialties, organizations, and communities to combine energies and share experiences and knowledge in pursuit of common goals and outcomes.

We are innovative


We constantly seek and apply leading-edge ideas, knowledge, methods and practices to be at the forefront of innovation.

We pursue excellence


We constantly strive to apply the highest-quality standards to all aspects of our work and our organization, through an ongoing commitment to scientific rigour and best practices applied to our research, services, activities, and products.

We act with integrity


We are accountable and transparent, meeting or exceeding standards and expectations for confidentiality, safety, protection of privacy, and ethical conduct.

We embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion


We value and celebrate the unique contributions of every individual in the belief that a diverse and inclusive environment is essential for driving innovation, creativity, and excellence in all aspects of our work.