Legacy Giving

You Have the WILL to Make a Difference


Do you want to support your family and arthritis research at the same time? Did you know it’s easy to do both? You have the WILL to make a difference for generations.

By Making a Legacy Gift you can have a lasting impact on arthritis research now and for the future. Leaving a gift in your Will to Arthritis Research Canada allows us to continue to find  solutions that will help people triumph over arthritis.


Simply add an amendment to your Will, called a codicil, and you can easily leave an estate gift to Arthritis Research Canada to support arthritis research.

Your estate will receive a tax receipt for the value of the gift which can be used to offset tax otherwise payable on your final tax return and on the preceding year’s tax return. You can donate either a set amount or a portion of the residue of your estate.

Download the information your lawyer will need to draft your codicil or new Will with our Sample Will Clause. This sample Will clause is for information purposes only and is not meant to be viewed as legal advice. We encourage donors to seek advice from their legal counsel when making provisions for a charitable gift in their Will.

Our Guiding Values

We are patient-centred. Everything we undertake is done with and for the benefit of people at risk of or living with arthritis.

We are collaborative. We work effectively across disciplines, specialties, organizations, and communities to combine energies and share experiences and knowledge in pursuit of common goals and outcomes.

We are innovative. We constantly seek and apply leading-edge ideas, knowledge, methods and practices to be at the forefront of innovation.

We pursue excellence. We constantly strive to apply the highest-quality standards to all aspects of our work and our organization, through an ongoing commitment to scientific rigour and best practices applied to our research, services, activities, and products.

We act with integrity. We are accountable and transparent, meeting or exceeding standards and expectations for confidentiality, safety, protection of privacy, and ethical conduct.

We embrace equity, diversity, and inclusion. We value and celebrate the unique contributions of every individual in the belief that a diverse and inclusive environment is essential for driving innovation, creativity, and excellence in all aspects of our work.

Five Reasons to Leave a Legacy in your Will to the Arthritis Research Canada

1. Your gift will affect millions of lives in Canada. Arthritis affects more Canadians than cancer, heart disease, diabetes or chronic lung disease. Over 6 million Canadians live with arthritis pain and disability, and the majority are under that age of 60. One in a thousand children are also affected by this disease.

2. You will help Canada lead the world in arthritis research. Arthritis Research Canada is home to a multi-disciplinary research team of outstanding medical doctors and research scientists who collaborate with their peers around the world. Arthritis Research Canada has earned international attention as a leading arthritis research hub, reflected in a 300% increase in external funding over the past decade.

3. You will help raise public and government awareness. The key to reducing the personal and economic burden of arthritis is investment in research aimed at early diagnosis and treatment, and quality of life issues. Arthritis Research Canada is one of the most trusted sources of arthritis research for the public and for the clinical and research community in Canada and across the globe.

4. Your gift could lead to a major breakthrough. Just a few of Arthritis Research Canada’s accomplishments in the past ten years include: Arthritis Research Canada researchers were the first to discover the cause and prevent the marked increase in heart attacks for patients with rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. Our team has made pioneering advances in the early diagnosis of osteoarthritis, enabling self-management and reducing health care costs. Arthritis Research Canada developed the first program to reduce workplace disability for people with inflammatory arthritis.

5. Arthritis Research Canada is solely dedicated to arthritis research. Research is what we do. Your donation dollar supports over 100 studies conducted by a multi-disciplinary research team.

Email Patti Nakatsu, Director of Development, at pnakatsu@arthritisresearch.ca or call her at 604.207.4002 or Toll Free at 1.855.750.0400 for more information.


Our full legal name is:
The Arthritis Research Centre Society of Canada/Arthrite-recherche Canada

Charitable registration number is: 87075 8547 RR0001

Our mailing address is:
230-2238 Yukon Street, Vancouver, BC V5Y 3P2

Telephone:  604.207.0400
Fax:   604.207.4059
Email: pnakatsu@arthritisresearch.ca

We are committed to working hard on your behalf and we are honoured to have your support.

“My wife – vivacious, positive and strong – became paralyzed with pain in a matter of months after her diagnosis. I can fix many things, but I could do nothing to help her deal with her pain and disability of arthritis. Simple things such as climbing the stairs up to bed, getting dressed, and bathing were major obstacles.” – M.J., husband of arthritis patient