ROAR 2017

Reaching Out with Arthritis Research - Public Forum

The Arthritis Patient Advisory Board of Arthritis Research Canada presents…

Managing Arthritis and You

Listen. Learn. Ask questions. #eROAR

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Speakers and Presentation Videos

Dr. Paul Fortin, Research Scientist of Epidemiology, MD, MPH. Professor, Centre de Recherche, Université Laval


Managing Lupus and You – Navigate Your Journey With “My Lupus Guide”

videos Presentation Video (English) videos Presentation Video (French)

Cheryl Koehn, Founder and President of Arthritis Consumer Experts (ACE)

What’s a Brain Like You Doing in a Joint Like This?

videos Presentation Video

Dr. Linda Li, Senior Research Scientist of Clinical Epidemiology, BSc(PT), MSc, PhD. Associate Professor, Department of Physical Therapy, University of British Columbia

Fitbit/FitViz update – Stepping Out or Stepping Aside: Activity Trackers and Arthritis

videos Presentation Video

Dr. Diane Lacaille, Senior Research Scientist of Rheumatoloy, MD, MHSc, FRCPC. Professor & Associate Head of Academic Affairs, Division of Rheumatology, Department of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Good News About Lifespan for People With Rheumatoid Arthritis

videos Presentation Video

Clayon Hamilton, BSc, MSc, PhD. Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Physical Therapy, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia

Patient Partners Step up to the Research Plate …How do we Score?

videos Presentation Video

Kelly English, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board member

Wearing Many Hats …A Patient’s Experience

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Final Speakers Panel with audience Q&A

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