Participate in Research

recruitmentResearch study participants play a crucial role in arthritis research, and much of the research completed at Arthritis Research Canada is made possible by the generous contribution of time by people like you. There are many opportunities for you to become involved; however, some patients are hesitant because they believe that all research studies are invasive. The truth is that some studies can be as simple as taking a survey, testing an interactive website or having a knee exam. And remember, your privacy and confidentiality are always protected.


Opportunities for you to get involved:


Participants needed: Rheumatoid arthritis care. Optimizing early treatment strategies in early RA through shared decision-making

Interested in participating in research? Do you have rheumatoid arthritis (RA)? This study is addressing the importance of patients having a say in their treatment and making shared decisions with their doctors. Decision aids are tools that can help patients and doctors work together to choose between treatments and help patients understand their options and what is most important to them. This study will identify the best way to use patient decision aids and then follow up with testing in a rheumatology clinic.

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Linking biomechanical and imaging outcomes to better understand the effects of running on knee joint health

Physical activity has been widely recognized as an important treatment approach for knee osteoarthritis (OA); however, little is known about the effects of running with this condition. Previous studies have suggested healthy knee cartilage has the ability to become stronger immediately after running in the short-term, but it remains unclear if unhealthy knee cartilage would react the same.

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