We have a unique opportunity to create an endowed professorship to support the career of an arthritis scientist in perpetuity. This initiative honours the legacy of Arthritis Research Canada’s visionary, Dr. John Esdaile, and the organization’s commitment to mentoring the next generation of research scientists.

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Over 6 million Canadians live with arthritis, which includes 100 diseases that affect people of all ages and cause pain, disability and even premature death. Arthritis impacts every aspect of a person’s life – their ability to do the things they enjoy, to work, to be physically active, their mental health, and more. Arthritis costs the Canadian economy $33B annually. Yet it receives only 2% of available research dollars. Arthritis is not just a problem for people who have it


We must make arthritis research a priority! Arthritis Research Canada/Arthrite-recherche Canada is the only national arthritis organization in Canada focused solely on clinical research. For life-changing research to be sustainable, it is crucial that we invest in the next generation of scientists. Arthritis Research Canada provides an ideal environment for fostering the career development of young scientists.



$2.5 million needed


By investing in the Dr. John Esdaile Professorship in Arthritis Research, you are supporting the careers of arthritis scientists for generations to come. The endowed nature of this Professorship ensures return on your investment in perpetuity and supporting faculty renewal allows cutting-edge arthritis research to continue to help people living with arthritis now and in the future. The time to invest is now. Help us take advantage of this opportunity to double your investment through a matching gift program offered by the President’s Academic Excellence Initiative at the University of British Columbia.


• Create and support a new faculty position in perpetuity, dedicated to clinical arthritis research
• Attract the best and brightest talent to British Columbia
• Keep Arthritis Research Canada at the cutting-edge of innovative research
• Foster research that will directly impact people living with arthritis now and in the future
• Support generations of researchers who are engaged with both the University of British Columbia and Arthritis Research Canada


Dr. Esdaile has devoted his career to arthritis research over the past four decades – from medical training at McGill University, to his role as head of the University of British Columbia’s Rheumatology Division, to over 20 years as Scientific Director of Arthritis Research Canada. Dr. Esdaile nurtured the organization’s development from a single centre with one scientist, trainee, and assistant to the largest clinical arthritis research institute in North America. Dr. Esdaile prioritized investing in people and created a culture dedicated to supervising trainees and mentoring young scientists in a wide variety of disciplines relevant to helping people with arthritis. As current Scientific Director, Dr. Diane Lacaille is committed to continuing this important legacy that has positioned Arthritis Research Canada as Canada’s leading arthritis research training hub.

Supporting this professorship means fostering more groundbreaking research to:

• Improve how arthritis care is delivered so everyone gets the right care at the right time.
• Leverage digital health solutions so care is tailored to each person’s needs.
• Improve health outcomes and reduce health inequities.
• Create digital apps that help people live well with arthritis.
• Address the mental health concerns of people with arthritis.
• Support people living with arthritis to be more physically active.
• Work in partnership with Indigenous communities to provide culturally relevant arthritis services that better meet their needs.

I am proud of the role Arthritis Research Canada plays in training and mentoring the arthritis scientists of tomorrow and honoured by this initiative.

- Dr. John Esdaile


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