Computer models helps assess the burden of osteoarthritis and low back pain

Oct 04, 2022

A 2-pronged study looked at the burden of Osteoarthritis (OA) and low back pain (LBP) and strategies to prevent, as well as demonstrating the usefulness of the software SimYouLate

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Knee Osteoarthritis Self-Management and Knowledge Project

Nov 27, 2019

The goal of this project was to help early knee osteoarthritis patients manage their disease by increasing their involvement in their care process with family doctors. Working with patients, family doctors and other key parties, we created an App, named Knee OA Self-management and Knowledge Application (KOASK). KOASK is able to create a guided self-management plan and provide reliable information…

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MONITOR-OA: Improving physical activity for those with knee osteoarthritis.

Aug 12, 2016

MONITOR-OA is a program that uses activity trackers to help people with knee pain set goals to be more physically active, safely. and at their own pace.

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OPEN (Osteoarthritis Physical Activity & Exercise Net): Can an interactive website increase physical activity in people with previously undiagnosed early knee osteoarthritis?

Oct 17, 2011

This project directly targetted physical inactivity at a time when the joint damage tends to be mild, and when people are more motivated to adopt a healthy behaviour.

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Preventing hip pain and hip osteoarthritis

Oct 16, 2011

There has been a long debate as to whether certain types of physical activity (such as hockey, soccer and cycling) cause hip osteoarthritis (OA). The research team will look at whether having one or more subtle deformities of the hip, combined with physical activity, can cause cartilage damage and eventually OA.

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Supporting physical activity in people with knee osteoarthritis

Jan 25, 2017

Despite overwhelming evidence that physical activity improves health and quality of life, over 50 per cent of people with arthritis are not physically active. SuPRA is a program that combines the activity tracker Fitbit Flex and the FitViz app with physical activity counselling to help those with knee pain to be more physically active, safely and at their own pace.

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Track OA: Improving physical activity using a wearable activity tracker for patients with knee osteoarthritis

Feb 04, 2015

Physical activity can reduce pain and improve people’s ability to move around. This study tested a new program that uses wearable activity trackers to help people with knee pain set goals and get active at a pace that’s right for them.

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