Self-care during COVID-19

It’s normal to feel anxious as we navigate through uncertainty and it’s more important than ever to prioritize self-care during times of change. Here are some tips and coping strategies as shared by the members of Arthritis Research Canada’s Patient Advisory Board:

  • Get plenty of rest, eat well, and continue to exercise.
  • Manage stress and regain a sense of control by establishing routines and creating schedules for work, sleep and leisure.
  • Plan your days and prepare ahead to reduce uncertainty.
  • Schedule your walks during off-peak hours (beginning or end of the day).
  • Shop during “vulnerable people hours” or use delivery services. If further assistance is required, kindly ask neighbours or friends to shop and deliver for you.
  • Take advantage of online medical appointments to reduce risk and renew prescriptions.
  • Stay connected with friends and family through phone or video chats during self-quarantine.
  • Learn a new skill through free online courses or unleash your creativity with an art project.
  • Limit your media consumption of COVID-19 news.
  • Practice meditation and seek out for professional support when needed.

These times may be tough, but so are we! It’s important to maintain a regular routine and equip yourself with the proper tools to adjust to this “new normal.” One thing is certain: research has proven time and again that people with all forms of arthritis can benefit tremendously from exercise and self-care.

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