How to stay active at home during COVID-19


Exercise is the best medicine for treating and preventing arthritis. But how do you stay active when your routine has been interrupted and gym facilities have closed? According to Dr. Linda Li, Senior Scientist at Arthritis Research Canada, modifying your exercises based on your environment, setting realistic goals, using wearable technologies to track your activities, and rewarding yourself after an accomplishment are some ways to maintain your motivation and fitness habits during COVID-19. Other recommendations include:

  • Find new and creative ways to stay active, e.g, exercise with your community groups via video conferencing technologies or participate in Fitbit challenges to stay motivated.
  • Safely do your exercises, monitor pain levels, and allow time for your body to rest.
  • Create a detailed exercise plan and include everything from the route you take to the shoes you wear. The more details you have, the more likely you are to succeed.
  • Keep movingーno matter how big or small the movements are.
  • Break up sitting time with light-intensity activities. For instance, get up to grab a glass of water or tend to your plants.
  • When working from home, set a reminder to move your body for 2-3 minutes every hour.
  • Give yourself a break! Your productivity may not be the same and it’s completely okay.

Most importantly, Dr. Li reminds everyone to “be kind to yourself as it takes time to make it perfect and make it your own.”

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