The Arthritis Newsletter

Spring 2011

"Bringing Change to the Medical System": A Patient Perspective


A “Think Tank” workshop was held in Vancouver on research and management of chronic diseases. Gordon Whitehead, a member of CAB, presented “A Patient Perspective” to national and international attendees.

Travel Tips


Travel can be difficult when you’re dealing with arthritis issues and takes a little more preparation than normal; find out how CAB members deal with the challenges of air travel.

Fathers with Arthritis


Examining the realities of parenting from the perspective of fathers; a new study may interest you.

Favourite Websites


As active consumers of health information, CAB members wish to share their favourite websites with you.

Bring Hope to Others


Have you made the journey from the early days of an initial arthritis diagnosis and then moved through a series of successively difficult and drawn-out stages of the disease?

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