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Spring 2018

Introducing SHARE – an exercise-based pilot study in rheumatoid arthritis

By PIRA - ARC Quebec


SHARE (Supervised exercise program versus a Home-bAsed program in RhEumatoid arthritis: a pilot study) is a multi-center study conducted by Arthritis Research Canada’s Trainee Alix St-Aubin, a kinesiologist and master degree student in experimental medicine at Laval University in Québec City.


Supervised by ARC Senior Scientist Dr. Paul R. Fortin, the main goal of the study is to compare a home-based exercise intervention versus a supervised exercise intervention on physical fitness and adherence. In addition, different measures of both cardiorespiratory and muscular capacities are taken before and after the 12 week intervention. Quality of life via questionnaire and functional capacity are also explored. Finally, continuous measurement of the daily exercise is monitored through the use of an accelerometer that is worn during the entire duration of the study. The preliminary data that will be collected with this pilot study will help our understanding of the role of exercise in patients with rheumatoid arthritis and better guide future fitness interventions.


Since this study is still ongoing, no results are available yet. However, Mrs. St-Aubin was invited by Arthritis Research Canada to attend a joint scientific meeting at the University of California in San Francisco this March. She will present some preliminary results and will be given the opportunity to exchange with fellow students and researchers in the field.


Mrs. St-Aubin looks forward to further extend this partnership with Arthritis Research Canada researchers as she will be getting her degree in September. For now, she is looking to team up with PIRA (Patients Intéressés par la Recherche sur l’Arthrite/ Patients Interested in Research on Arthritis) to come up with new initiatives to bring exercise as part of the daily routine of arthritis patients.


To learn more about exercise practice, you can contact Mrs. St-Aubin: alix.st-aubin.1@ulaval.ca

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