• Arthritis Research Canada’s headquarters relocated to the Progressive Construction building on No. 3 Road in Richmond, BC. The rent-free space was generously provided by the Milan & Maureen Ilich Foundation, and the building was renamed the Milan Ilich Arthritis Research Centre.
  • Arthritis Research Canada expands to Quebec City as we welcome Research Scientist Dr. Paul Fortin from Université Laval to our team. Check out one of the studies conducted by our scientific team in Quebec.
  • The late Leslie Nielsen, who lived with knee osteoarthritis, is featured in one of Arthritis Research Canada’s videos along with Senior Scientist Dr. Jolanda Cibere. The video shows how to perform a standardized knee assessment and diagnose knee osteoarthritis.
  • Dr. John Esdaile, led the IMPAKT-Hip study aimed at delaying and preventing the development of hip osteoarthritis by determining the causes of hip pain.