Arthritis Awareness: It’s a Team Effort


Arthritis Research Canada is proud to collaborate with other arthritis-related organizations to offer resources to people living with arthritis. We recently participated in the development of the ArthritisBC+Me portal. This resource-building initiative speaks directly to both our mission and values.

The ArthritisBC+Me portal is designed to help patients in British Columbia learn about local arthritis programs and resources best suited to their needs. It also helps foster connections between arthritis patients in the province. It is a resource with the power to transform the lives of people with arthritis and help them triumph over their pain and disability.


The portal is the result of hard work and funding by community partners and committed sponsors and it helps patients stay informed about the latest arthritis news, research, prevention and treatment.


For more information about ArthritisBC+Me, please visit http://arthritisbcandme.info/ or follow on Twitter (@ArthritisBC_Me) and Facebook.

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