Arthritis is SERIOUS.

Research changes lives.

We do arthritis research like no one else.

Research to prevent.

Over 6 million Canadians live with pain and disability caused by 100+ types of arthritis. We’re working to prevent arthritis before it causes pain and disrupts life.

Research to manage.

There is currently no cure for arthritis. We’re conducting research to increase early detection and help patients manage their symptoms so they can continue to lead active and fulfilling lives.

Research to find answers.

Arthritis isn’t just aches and pains that people get as they age. It’s an umbrella term used to describe a large group of serious and potentially life-threatening diseases. We’re investigating the various factors that cause them.

A team of 100+ scientists. 

“Inflammatory arthritis can strike at any age – including the prime of a person’s career. We are developing and testing an employment intervention called Making it Work™ to help people with arthritis remain in the workforce. This is one of a few initiatives worldwide to focus on employment and arthritis.”

Dr. Diane Lacaille

Scientific Director

“In Canada, about 500,000 youth hurt their knees every year while playing sports. Half of them go on to develop knee osteoarthritis at a young age. We have developed a new online exercise-based program to help boost recovery from a knee injury and reduce risk for osteoarthritis.”

Dr. Jackie Whittaker

Research Scientist

“The current pandemic offers a chance to improve our understanding of how infections such as COVID-19 affect patients with autoimmune inflammatory diseases. We’re assessing the impact of medications on infection and how infections affect psychological health.”

Dr. Paul Fortin

Senior Scientist

Arthritis is serious. The numbers don’t lie.

of arthritis

Canadians living with one or more types

in healthcare costs per year

How does arthritis research make a difference? 


Our research is practical and helps people living with arthritis today!

Arthritis Research Canada


The largest clinical arthritis research centre in North America.


studies covering the different types of arthritis


centres located across Canada


Canadian university affiliations


years of life-changing research

studies covering the different types of arthritis

researchers, trainees and staff

centres located across Canada

university affiliations: University of British Columbia, Simon Fraser University, University of Calgary, Université Laval, and McGill University

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