The Arthritis Newsletter

Winter 2016

Tips and Tricks to Brighten Your Winter Days

By the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


weatherbluesDark days, wet walks and slippery streets getting you down? Here are some tips and tricks from the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board to brighten your winter days.


    • If you feel low as the days get shorter a ‘happy light’ for SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) may help. Instead of making it a chore to sit in front of it just place it on the table as you drink your coffee and check your email in the morning.


    • Getting out in the morning for a walk in the fresh air can help, and if it’s hard to hold an umbrella when it’s raining, invest in a really good waterproof raincoat with a hood.


    • Wearing bright coloured clothing can make you feel lighter and makes people around you happy too.


    • Keep a jar of ideas for indoor activities and pull from the jar for inspiration.


    • People who have Reynaud’s or other circulatory issues can benefit from charcoal hand warmers in their gloves.


    • Bath salts with uplifting essential oils can soothe and lift your spirits.


    • Put on some music you really love and dance around the living room.


    • If you live in an area with lots of snow or rain, and you wear orthotics in your shoes, you might want to consider wearing overboots. They go right over your shoes and are very lightweight and easy to take on and off.


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