The Arthritis Newsletter

Summer 2012

Introduction: Summer


Isn’t summer everyone’s favourite season?  Everything conspires to lift one’s mood—the welcome glow and warmth of the sunlight, the sweet freshness of our marine air, the lushness of our gardens, the long, bright days.

Dr. Jolanda Cibere: Specializing in the Research of Osteoarthritis


Dr. Jolanda Cibere is a Research Scientist at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada and an Associate Professor at UBC.

Arthritis Patients at the CRA 2012


Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) members Sheila Kerr, Nadia Prestley, and Joyce Ma attended the Canadian Rheumatology Association’s 2012 Conference in Victoria, B.C.

Around Town: Shopping Tips


All of us have been shoppers at some stage – shopping is a part of life, whether we shop for pleasure or necessity.  Some enjoy it more than others.

Discover the ABN


Discover the Arthritis Broadcast Network: A New Way to Share the Arthritis Story

We’d Like Your Help!


Passionate about improving the lives of those with arthritis? We’d like your Help!

ARC Welcomes Dr. Paul Fortin


Dr. Paul Fortin of Laval, Quebec, was appointed an ARC Scientist by the ARC Board in December of 2011.

On Growing a Third Earlobe


It began almost unnoticeably—a small bump behind my left ear.


Bring Hope To Others


Linda Wilhelm is a resident of New Brunswick and a person living with rheumatoid arthritis.


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