Making the Health System Impact Fellowship Program* Better: Supporting New Leaders in Health Care with the National Cohort Training Program

The Problem

We’re conducting this research because we aim to support Health System Impact Fellows across Canada. By creating a strong community for them to connect, learn, and collaborate, we empower these fellows to adapt healthcare systems to better match the changing needs of healthcare. Through providing tools, training, and networking opportunities, we’re ultimately benefiting healthcare in Canada.

The Research

Our goal is to create a strong community of practice (COP) for the Health System Impact Fellows to continue to change healthcare systems to better meet the needs of Canadians. To achieve this, we will:

1. Provide tools and learning opportunities to empower the community in updating national learning systems (programs).

2. Establish regular networking events to allow the members to share ideas and information.

3. Lay a foundation for the community’s long-term existence within Canada’s Health Services and Policy Research

Can You Get Involved?

Yes. You can apply to the CIHR Health System Impact Fellowship program here.


Study Timeline

Start Date: July 2022 End Date: June 2025


Scientific study title:

Enhancing a Community of Practice** for the Health System Impact Fellowship Program: Advancing Capacity for Sustainable & Patient-Centred Learning Health Systems across Canada


Scientific Team

Deborah Marshall, Stirling Bryan, Malcolm Doupe, Natasha Gallant, Elena Lopatina, Kiran Manhas Pohar, Kimberley McGrail, Tom Noseworthy, Deepa Singal, Tracy Wasylak, Sandra Zelinsky, Iwona A Bielska, Marcia Bruce, Ivy Cheng, Jawad Chishtie, Celine Cressman, Greta Cummings, Gillian Currie, Clayton Hamilton, et al.


Funding Agency

Canadian Institutes of Health Research