Impact of Arthritis Medications on the Mother and Child During Pregnancy and Beyond



Scientific study title:

Following maternal, neonatal, and childhood outcomes associated with use of arthritis medications perinatally (FAMILY)


Principal Investigator:

Dr. Mary De Vera, University of British Columbia (UBC), Senior Scientist, Arthritis Research Canada

Co Investigators:

Neda Amiri, BSc, MD, MHSC, FRCPC, Clinical Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, University of British Columbia; Director of Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases Clinic (PReDICT) at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre; Clinician Investigator, Arthritis Research Canada
Corisande Baldwin, MD, FRCPC, Adult Rheumatologist, Victoria BC
Stephanie Ensworth, Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine & Associate member, Division of Maternal-Fetal-Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, Faculty of Medicine, University of British Columbia
Eric C Sayre, PhD, Research Associate, Arthritis Research Canada
Laura Schummers, ScD, Assistant Professor, Collaboration for Outcomes Research and Evaluation, UBC Pharmaceutical Sciences
Nevena Rebic, BSc (Pharm), MSc (Pharm) Candidate, University of British Columbia Pharmaceutical Sciences; Arthritis Research Canada Trainee

Patient Partner:

Laurie Proulx

Study Start Date:

February 2023


Study End Date:

January 2026


Why do this research?

Many types of arthritis strike people during their childbearing years. We have some information about the effects of arthritis medications on the baby, however, less data exists on the impacts later in childhood and on the person with arthritis who gave birth. We know even less about ways that newer drugs, such as biosimilars are being used during pregnancy, so we also know less about their impacts on the mother and child after giving birth.


What will be done?

State-of-the art statistical methods will use “big data” to analyze British Columbia healthcare records of those women that are pregnant and have arthritis. The use of the arthritis medications during pregnancy will be correlated to the health of birthing parents and their children. This will inform future treatment decisions for women with arthritis in their childbearing years.


Who is involved?

This study will be completed using Administrative Health Data.


Funding Agency

The Arthritis Society


How can people get involved?

The project will use data that is already collected so there is no participant recruitment.