Neda Amiri


Clinician Investigator, BSc, MD, MHSC, FRCPC



  • Clinical Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Rheumatology, University of British Columbia
  • Director of Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases Clinic (PReDICT) at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre
  • Rheumatologist, Summit Medical Specialists


Research Interests

  • Pregnancy outcomes in patients with rheumatic diseases, and predictors of adverse pregnancy outcomes in this population.

Neda started the Pregnancy and Rheumatic Diseases Clinic, first of its kind in BC, at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre in 2017  The clinic assists patients with rheumatic diseases who are seeking counseling regarding conception, and follows their care in pregnancy. She is also a consulting rheumatologist at the Lupus Clinic at the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre.

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Most recently, Dr. Amiri launched the CaPRIS Registry, which is a prospective cohort registry of patients with rheumatic diseases presenting to the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre Pregnancy Clinic for pregnancy evaluation and counseling that she hopes to develop into a pan-Canadian registry.