The Arthritis Newsletter

Winter 2017

Introducing PIRA – ARC-Quebec’s Patient Advisory Team!

By ARC Quebec - PIRA


We are pleased to see the expansion of the patient advisory board to a team representing ARC-Quebec! PIRA (Patients Intéressés par la Recherche sur l’Arthrite/ Patients Interested in Research on Arthritis) achieved their first social fundraising event on Saturday, October 28, 2017, in Quebec City. Several researchers, members of the organization, arthritis patients, and the general public joined the walk to bring awareness to the importance of arthritis research and the benefits of being part of the PIRA team. It was a great turnout, with forty people participating in the walk, proudly lifting the PIRA banner and walking for arthritis research. “For a first event, it was a success. We felt the collaboration of people working together with a common objective – arthritis research,” confirms France Gervais, president of PIRA. The event raised $2,800 in donations to invest in arthritis research for the future.


The mission of PIRA is to serve as collaborators of arthritis research and act as an information bridge between researchers, people with arthritis, and the community at large.


“This collaboration of patients interested in arthritis research and the people of Quebec shows the urgent need to invest more in arthritis research and to find solutions to the needs of patients affected by arthritis in our region,” says Paul Fortin, professor of medicine at the University of Laval and research scientist of epidemiology at Arthritis Research Canada and of the research centre, CHU, in Quebec. “We are proud to collaborate together, both researchers and patients, and this walk has allowed us to take the first step towards achieving great common goals.”


We invite you to learn more about PIRA at www.arthritisresearch.ca/pira.

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