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Employment & Arthritis

Arthritis is the most common health reason why Canadians stop working. One in five living with rheumatoid arthritis leave the workforce within five years of receiving a diagnosis. And almost half of working-age Canadians with osteoarthritis report not working or attending school.

Arthritis is most often diagnosed between age 30 and 45 when people are in the prime of their working lives.

The inability to work has a tremendous impact on a person’s financial, social and emotional well-being. Yet, patients identify employment issues as one of their most important, unmet needs.

Our scientists have developed a one-of-a-kind, online program, called Making it Work™ to fill this gap in arthritis health care services. The program focuses on early intervention to prevent work disability and foster healthy, productive work lives.

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Over 6 million Canadians have arthritis. Many are forced to stop working. Early intervention is key to preventing work disability.

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Making It Work

Learn about Arthritis Research Canada's unique program developed to help people with arthritis lead healthy, productive work lives.

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