Making it WorkTM

People often feel discouraged in terms of their ability to work after receiving an arthritis diagnosis. But there’s good news. They can have fulfilling work lives. Learn about a unique program that we created to help people with arthritis address the challenges they face at work due to their disease.

Webinar Recording

Hear directly from Dr. Diane Lacaille, the scientist/rheumatologist behind Making it WorkTM, in this webinar recording. She talks about the program, challenges that people with arthritis face at work and answers questions in a Q&A. If you haven’t had the chance to watch Episode 6, it is included at the end of the webinar.

“I feel lucky to have participated in Making it WorkTM relatively early in my working life. Since being diagnosed in my mid-twenties, I have struggled with the demands of full-time work and commuting, but I pushed through with my exhausting 9-5 jobs because I was worried about not being financially prepared to retire when I was no longer physically capable of working. My biggest takeaways from the program were about how self-employment could help people with arthritis stay in the working world longer, and provide much needed flexibility. Eleven months after finishing Making it WorkTM, I am in my final semester of a training program for a new industry I’m passionate about, and I’m starting to set up my own freelance business. Making it WorkTM helped me build the confidence I needed to make the leap to self-employment. I know it won’t always be easy, but I feel that I am now on a path that will allow me to keep working as long as I need to, doing work that I enjoy, in a much healthier and more sustainable way.”
Kim | Age: 33

lives with Sjögren's Syndrome, self-employed

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