Arthritis Research Canada graced by talk of Olympic proportions


On June 28, Nancy Greene Raine, Canada’s Female Athlete of the 20th Century, joined staff and scientists as Arthritis Research Canada’s Distinguished Guest Speaker for the organization’s Annual Retreat. Greene Raine provided an inspirational presentation on her personal experience with knee injury and sport.  

Dr. John Esdaile, Nancy Greene Raine, Dr. Jackie Whittaker

In addition to being a celebrated Olympic athlete, Greene Raine is also one of Arthritis Research Canada’s founding members. She was a main contributor to the “practical research for everyday living” tagline, which guides Arthritis Research Canada’s projects and mandate to include patients in all aspects of research.  

Greene Raine’s ski racing career peaked in 1967 and 1968 when she won gold and silver medals at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics and the overall World Cup title both years. In 1999 she was named Canada’s Female Athlete of the 20th Century, recognizing her life-long contribution to the promotion of skiing and her continued support of amateur sports.  

Greene Raine’s talk at the retreat covered her childhood, ski career, knee injury, and perspective on sports and injury. She emphasized that when it comes to sports and arthritis, prevention is key.  

“I love skiing and I still ski all the time. But so many people I have raced with over the years have had knee replacements,” she said. “People need to focus on prevention so they don’t wear out their cartilage and joints.”  

Greene Raine’s presence added a special element to the event as Arthritis Research Canada celebrated 20 years of conducting life-saving arthritis research. Her talk timed well with the announcement welcoming Dr. Jackie Whittaker to the scientific team. Dr. Whittaker has done extensive research on sports injury and osteoarthritis prevention.  

“Having Nancy Greene Raine speak at the Annual Retreat and on the year Arthritis Research Canada turns 20 was very meaningful,” said Scientific Director Dr. John Esdaile. “It is because of the dedication of individuals like her that we are able to conduct leading research that finds answers and saves lives.”  


About Arthritis Research Canada:

 Arthritis Research Canada is the largest clinical arthritis research institution in North America. Our mission is to transform the lives of people living with arthritis through research and engagement. Led by world-renowned rheumatologist, Dr. John Esdaile, Arthritis Research Canada’s scientific team of over 100 are creating a future where people living with arthritis are empowered to triumph over pain and disability. Within British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, Arthritis Research Canada is leading research aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis and treatment, and quality of life issues.  


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