Unique Online Tool Gives RA Patients Confidence When Deciding Treatment


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February 8, 2018 (Vancouver, BC) – Figuring out which biologic and small molecule agents to take can be overwhelming if you’re a rheumatoid arthritis patient. But, there’s good news! ANSWER-2, an interactive online patient-decision aid, may just be the answer everyone’s been looking for.

ANSWER-2 is an exciting and unique web application that presents information about biologic and small molecule agents in a way that matches each individuals’ preferences on treatment, costs, and available evidence. It features real-life patient stories and evidence-based information, and helps individuals choose between multiple treatment options.

Led by Arthritis Research Canada’s senior scientist Dr. Linda Li, new research has been done to prove that by using ANSWER-2, patients experience more certainty with their decision and more confidence in managing their disease, while considering new treatment options. Ultimately, this allows patients to become active participants in their treatments and reach informed decisions alongside their doctors.

“ANSWER-2 is a tool built with patients for patients with rheumatoid arthritis. We believe that this will provide another source to help people navigate credible and user-friendly information about arthritis treatment,” states Dr. Linda Li.

E-health tools continue to be a new method for patient empowerment and engagement, and with further research, ANSWER-2 may just prove itself to be a valuable tool in RA management. Health practitioners and patients should expect to see ANSWER-2 available by summer 2018.


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