The Arthritis Newsletter

Summer 2019

2019 ARThritis Soirée: $2,355,000 raised!

Arthritis Research Canada’s signature event shines a spotlight on life-saving arthritis research as the ONLY way to tackle pain and disability experienced by more than 6 million Canadians. 

Self-Care During a Flare

One day you feel fine and the next you’re in debilitating pain. Arthritis flares can be frustrating. But self-care can go a long way in managing and preventing them.

Sleep vs. Pain: The Battle for Rest with Arthritis

Is arthritis pain and stiffness keeping you up at night? Don’t toss and turn your way into sleep deprivation. We’ve got excellent tips to help you get some shut-eye. 

Living and Adjusting to Life with Arthritis

An arthritis diagnosis can be hard to accept. Discover how one doctor and grandmother of three adapted to life with rheumatoid arthritis.