The Arthritis Newsletter

Spring 2016

An Interview with Dr. Linda Li - Featured Researcher

Dr. Linda Li talks about the significance of engaging patients in research.

Does Patient Engagement in Research Matter?

As patients involved in the research process, how do we determine the impact we are having on research? A study by ARC Trainee Dr. Clayon Hamilton will explore the effectiveness of patients engaged in research.

ARThritis Soirée 2016: May 26th at The Vancouver Club

Why ARThritis Soirée? Research has shown that art is therapeutic and adds to one’s wellbeing and therefore is a great element in managing chronic disease on a holistic level. Affecting one in six of us and with more than 100 different forms – arthritis is Canada’s most devastating, chronic disease. The need to support arthritis research has never been greater!

What Made You Become An Engaged Patient?

What drives patients to take an active role in managing and gaining knowledge about their chronic disease?

Informed Research and Knowledge Translation

Instrumental in nurturing a culture of respect and partnership between researchers and patients at ARC, Nadia Prestley shares her knowledge and key experiences.

Patient Partner Role Model

Pam Montie – 20 years of volunteer service in arthritis research, knowledge translation and peer mentoring.

From Volunteer to Research Trainee

A champion for bringing the patient voice into research projects at ARC, Sharan Rai explains her journey and involvement in research.

Productivity Hacks for Arthritis

How to be productive at work and school while handling the challenges we face with arthritis.

Every Gift Advances Arthritis Research

Supporting arthritis research with a monthly contribution is the best and easiest way to make a difference. Arthritis Research Canada invites you to become a monthly donor.

Participate in Research

The research scientists at ARC are all immersed in various research projects designed to improve knowledge and treatment of arthritis. Follow the link to learn more about these projects, and to see if there is a way to lend your knowledge and experience to one or more of the research projects.

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