The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2018

Reaching Out with Arthritis Research 2018

Want to learn about the latest advancements in arthritis prevention and treatment?
Join us for the Reaching Out with Arthritis Research (ROAR) annual public forum on September 29th.

September is Arthritis Awareness Month!

Arthritis is like carrying around a weight…that no one else can see.
Please help us make a difference in the lives of people with arthritis.

Arthritis Research Canada Trainees Tackle Tough Issues to Improve Patient Care

Discover some of the exciting projects that Arthritis Research Canada’s PhD trainees are leading and what they mean for people with different forms of arthritis.

Money Saving Tips & Tricks

Having a chronic disease can be expensive! Find out how to keep costs down.

Arthritis Awareness: It's a Team Effort

Arthritis Research Canada is proud to collaborate with other organizations to offer resources to individuals living with arthritis. Learn more about the ArthritisBC+Me portal.

Québec-based patient group looks forward to annual walk

The PIRA Walk to raise awareness and funds to support arthritis research will take place on October 13th. Please consider supporting this cause.