The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2014

Getting Back to Normal


In which Dr. Marie Westby and Dr. Catherine Backman investigate attitudes and outcomes concerning rehabilitation following total hip and knee replacement surgeries.

Joint Replacement: When is it Appropriate?


Dr. Deborah Marshall details criteria for determining the appropriateness of total hip or total knee replacement.

Total Knee Replacement - Was it all worth it?


In which the author offers an honest appraisal of her less than stellar result of a total knee replacement.

Scared Straight!…to the gym.


In which the author explores fear as a motivator, and achieves a successful hip replacement.

September is ARTHRITIS AWARENESS month


The Arthritis Research Centre of Canada is determined to ensure that arthritis receives the attention it deserves.  We need your help.

Osteoarthritis To Become Huge Cost


Research predicts that the number of people affected by Osteoarthritis will grow by 30% between 2010 and 2030.

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