The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2013

10 Depression Busting Tips


Joyce Ma shares her story about battling depression

Depression and Arthritis Self Care


Have you found that you are battling depression along with your arthritis? Are you looking for help to manage the impact of arthritis on your life?

Arthritis and Depression: Find out how YOU can take back control


CAB members Sharan Rai and Lianne Gulka interviewed Dr. Hiram Mok, a Consultant Psychiatrist and the Mary Pack Arthritis Centre Clinical Associate Professor of the UBC Department of Psychiatry, as well as Arthritis Research Centre of Canada trainee Ms. Lindsay Burns.

What is a Guideline, and Why Should I Care?


Fear and uncertainty. These are two of the predominant emotions that follow a diagnosis of any one of over a hundred forms of arthritis.

E- Health: Friend or Foe to You and Your Doctor?


It has been observed that “to be ignorant in the Information Age is a choice and not a circumstance”.

Forever Unique


Before you were ever diagnosed with arthritis, Lupus, Sjogren’s or any disease for that matter, you were a rare gemstone cut with many intricate facets.

In Memoriam


Remembering Rod Brennan 1948-2013

Arthritis Under 25: Arthritis and Your Social Life


Having trouble figuring out how your arthritis fits into your social life? Here are some tried-and-true tips collected by the Consumer Advisory Board and friends.


Arthritis Under 25 - Finding University Support Services


It’s not uncommon for university and college students to experience some anxiety or depression brought on by a tough workload and the stress of living on their own. For students with a chronic illness, these issues can be especially difficult to deal with.


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