Ergonomic Assessment (EATA)

About EATA

The Ergonomic Assessment Tool for Arthritis (EATA) is designed to assist occupational therapists and their clients with arthritis complete an ergonomic assessment for the purpose of recommending ergonomic modifications as job accommodations. The tool was developed as part of a comprehensive program to help people with inflammatory arthritis remain employed. The tool consists of a client self-assessment of ergonomic factors at work and an interview conducted by an occupational therapist. The self-assessment, completed by the client prior to the occupational therapy consultation, takes approximately 45 minutes. The consultation visit, including interview, identification of priority issues, and recommendations for ergonomic solutions, takes 45 to 90 minutes. No work site visit is required (although therapists and clients may elect to supplement the assessment with a work site visit at a later date).


Getting Started

The EATA is presented here in pdf format, in two parts using the links below. You will need Adobe Reader to download these files.

  1. Read the instructions on the first page of the Therapist Assessment Guide,
  2. Ask the screening questions on the first page of the Client Self Assessment Form, in order to customize the self-assessment for the individual client,
  3. Provide the applicable pages of the Client Self Assessment to the client in advance of the therapy appointment,
  4. Use the Therapist Assessment Guide to structure the interview, identify issues, and recommend ergonomic solutions during the therapy appointment.
  5. Provide a completed copy of the Solutions form (last two pages of the Therapist Assessment Guide) to the client at the end of the consultation visit.

It is recommended that at least one follow up telephone call be made by the occupational therapist to assist the client in implementing solutions. Further information about the EATA and the Making It Work Program can be found in the references cited below.



Contact the EATA team

If you have any questions or comments about EATA, please contact us at makingitwork@arthritisresearch.ca. We welcome feedback about how you’ve used this tool.



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