Citizen Science: A web portal for patients to transform pain research


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Scientific Study Title:  

Integrated KT 2.0: Development of an Online Citizen Science Portal


Principal Investigators:

Linda Li PT, PhD; Professor, University of British Columbia; Senior Research Scientist, Arthritis Research Canada


Start Date:

August 2018


End Date:

August 2023


Why do this research?

Pain affects many people, but it is complex and poorly understood. No one knows more about pain than the people who live with it. Citizen Science is a social movement that gets the public to join forces with health scientists to learn more about pain. By sharing your experiences and theories about pain on the Citizen Science platform, you can help health scientists ask better questions when they are researching ways to better understand and treat pain.


What will be done?

You can sign-up or continue to explore the Citizen Science website as a guest user. On the website, you will go through a series of “levels” each with questions asking you about your pain. When you sign-up, you can complete each of these levels at your own time!


Who is funding this research?

The Citizen Science project is funded by the BC SUPPORT Unit, Knowledge Translation and Implementation Science Methods Cluster.


You may be eligible if you:

  • Have a chronic illness or disability
  • Are 19 years of age or older
  • Live in Canada


How do people get involved?

Visit https://patientscientist.ca/pain-survey to explore our website and make a contribution.



Email: citizenscience@arthritisresearch.ca


Who is on the research team?


Diane Gromala, MFA, PhD; Professor, Simon Fraser University

Chris Shaw, MSc, PhD; Professor, Simon Fraser University

Leanne Currie, RN, PhD; Professor, University of British Columbia

Erin Michalak, PhD; Professor, University of British Columbia


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