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Living with long COVID? Your story is important!


Long COVID is a new condition. It is complex and not well understood. We invite you to share your experience of living with long COVID so that scientists can better understand how it affects people like you. Let’s work together to help people recover. Click the button below to take the Citizen Science Long COVID Survey.

You may be eligible if you: Have long-COVID symptoms; Are 19 years of age or older; Live in Canada.

Scientific Study Title:  


Citizen Science 2.0: Connecting the public and researchers to understand and solve long COVID


Principal Investigator:


Linda Li, PT, PhD (UBC)


Study Start Date:


August 2018


Study End Date:


August 2023


Why do this research?


Share your story to help solve long COVID

Living with long COVID? Do you wonder how your symptoms compare with others? Do you want to help scientists find answers?

Anyone who is curious about science and the world we live in, and wants to contribute to finding answers, can be a Citizen Scientist. Sharing information about your symptoms can help scientists ask better questions and get better answers. Become a ‘Citizen Scientist’ today and help solve long COVID.


What’s involved?


You can sign up, or simply explore the website as a guest, at patientscientist.ca. Contribute as much or as little as you want about your symptoms. Return, as often as you want, to share how your symptoms change over time. Compare your symptoms with others who are living with long COVID.


Who is funding this research?


Funding is provided by the BC SUPPORT UNIT.




Email: citizenscience@arthritisresearch.ca



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6 people with long COVID lived experience

Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network PC-ICCN)

Population Data BC