New Research to Prevent Fractures in People with Osteoporosis Could Change Care Delivery in BC

July 26, 2023 (Vancouver) Fragility fractures are a frequent consequence of osteoporosis, can happen spontaneously or with minimal injury, and often lead to a cycle of recurrent breaks and disability. New research will work to spread the adoption of a model that improves the care given to people after a fracture and prevent future injuries.

Currently, there are effective treatments aimed at reducing the risk of broken bones, but less than 20% of people suffering from fragility fractures receive this type of treatment. This is known as the “osteoporosis care gap”.

To bridge this gap, a team of researchers is working on spreading the Fracture Liaison Services (FLS) in British Columbia, this is a cost-effective evidence-based model that has been adopted worldwide. FLS involves a dedicated coordinator who works with the patient during the orthopedic care for a fracture and links them to their family doctor to follow up on their recovery and prevention. At this time, only three hospitals in the province have implemented FLS.

“Working in conjunction with the BC Health Ministry will be instrumental in changing the development of policy for osteoporosis care and spread FLS across the province,” said Dr. Raheem B. Kherani, Clinician Investigator at Arthritis Research Canada. “We are excited to share this project with our co-leads Dr. Sonia Singh from Fraser Health, Johnathan Robinson from the BC Ministry of Health and Larry Funnell, a patient partner.”

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