Pharmacists can help identify osteoarthritis


Doctors don’t always have to be the ones to diagnose arthritis in patients. In fact, pharmacists are uniquely positioned to identify and help with therapy for people who have chronic conditions like osteoarthritis.

Many people with knee pain do not receive optimal therapy or diagnoses. Pharmacists can make a difference by asking patients to take a basic questionnaire to determine whether they might have osteoarthritis.

Research shows that this approach can identify the disease while it is mild and still treatable. Pharmacists can then refer patients to family doctors and physiotherapists for further treatment.

While some of the stats in our video are outdated, the advice is still very relevant. Around five million Canadians live with osteoarthritis and that number grows every year. It is estimated that the disease will affect one in four Canadians by 2035.

Find out more from Dr. Carlo Marra, one of Arthritis Research Canada’s research scientists.

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