Patient Engagement In Research Scale (PEIRS)

Are you a researcher? Do you need a practical tool to determine the quality of patient engagement in your research?


Arthritis Research Canada scientists and patient research partners have created a measurement tool to do just that.


The Patient Engagement In Research Scale (PEIRS) is made up of 37 questions and is designed to measure the degree of meaningful patient engagement in research projects from a patient perspective.


It was developed to be completed by patients and family caregivers who work together with researchers on research projects.


The questions are divided across seven themes of a conceptual framework, and these groups of questions are potential subscales of the PEIRS. Each question uses a five-point Likert rating scale.


The PEIRS takes approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete.


To date, PEIRS has undergone content and face validation and a study is currently underway to assess its measurement properties.


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Please click here to read more about PEIRS and to access the full PEIRS study.