Diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis at 13, Natasha felt confused and alone. Today she is in university and has built a community for young people with arthritis. This holiday season, please help support arthritis research that finds answers for people like Natasha.

Top Tips for Safe Travel

Don’t let arthritis hold you back from travel this holiday season. We’ve got some great advice to lower your risk for COVID-19 and other viruses.


Arthritis Wish List

What do you wish you knew about arthritis before being diagnosed? Members of our patient advisory board reflect on their early months and years of navigating life with chronic illness.

Arthritis Research from Coast to Coast

Arthritis Research Canada expanded to include a new centre at Dalhousie University and welcomed more research talent to find answers to the most pressing issues for people living with arthritis.

Patients Taking Action to Help Patients

When Marie-Claude Beaulieu found out she couldn’t receive a COVID-19 vaccine due to her rheumatoid arthritis, she took steps through research to bring about change.