The Arthritis Newsletter

Winter 2015

Cardiovascular Disease Risk for People Living with Inflammatory Arthritis

Dr. Claire Barber talks about cardiovascular disease risk for people living with inflammatory arthritis.

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Motherhood and Thrombophlebitis

The complications around circulatory problems and motherhood, in which the author provides insights based on her experience.

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Getting Back in the Saddle

The author explains her experience and how adapting your physical activities to your arthritis can be beneficial.

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Seasonal Tips for People Living With Arthritis

A compilation of many techniques used by Arthritis Patient Advisory Board members to cope with the everyday challenges faced by people living with arthritis.

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Smoking: When It’s Good to be a Quitter

Understand the risks to your health caused by smoking, the potential benefits to stopping and the support options which exist to help you quit.

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New Safety Information for Ibuprofen and Other NSAIDs

Originally published in The Lupus Lighthouse, this article outlines new labeling methods to reflect current research findings.

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Every Dollar You Give Brings Us Two Steps Closer

Kelly Barber tells his story to help people understand that arthritis affects healthy, strong and active people, and more research is needed to prevent this debilitating disease.

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