Preventing Hip Pain

Research Team


Principal Investigator


Dr. John Esdaile
Scientific Director, Arthritis Research Canada





Michal Abrahamowicz

Helen Brown

Jolanda Cibere

Carolyn Emery

Bruce Forster

Donald Garbuz

Michael Gilbart

Jacek Kopec

Linda Li

Alex MacKay

Heather McKay

Charles Ratzlaff

David Wilson

Hubert Wong



Current Staff


Morgan Barber, Research Team Coordinator

Navi Grewal, Research Coordinator, PATH Project

Hong Qian, Statistician

Andrew Yung, MR Physicist, OPEN MRI Project

Joanna Ye, Research Assistant, Chinese Prevalence Project and Knowledge Translation Core

Honglin Zhang, Imaging Scientist, OPEN MRI Project

Jennifer (Shannon) Patterson, Open MRI Technologist

Linda Lavender, Community-Based Research Coordinator, Prevalence Indigenous & PATH Projects



Trainees and Fellows


Lawrence Buchan, MASc Biomedical Engineering – Cadaver Study, Open MR Project

Jimmy Guo, MD candidate – Natural History, Open MR & Case-Control Projects

Ingrid Heaslip, MD, Radiology Resident – Open MR Project

Jenny Leese, PhD candidate – Knowledge Translation Core

Dave Russell, MD, Radiology Resident – Natural History & Open MR Projects

Clayon Hamilton, Post-doctoral Fellow – Knowledge Translation Core



Previous Team Members


Erin Carruthers, MD candidate – Prevalence Projects

Michelle Liu, OT – Knowledge Translation Core

Helen Prlic, MA – Research Team Coordinator

Emilie Whittemore, PT – Indigenous Prevalence

Charlie Zhang, MD candidate – Prevalence Projects

Mark Warwas, MD candidate – Indigenous Prevalence Project

Vanessa Barbosa, Research Coordinator, Indigenous Prevalence Projects