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Do you have questions about arthritis?


Our Reddit AMA with Dr. Diane Lacaille is now complete. Please click here to view the AMA. 


Join Dr. Diane Lacaille, Scientific Director, Arthritis Research Canada, for a Reddit AMA “Ask Me Anything” on September 23 at 11 AM PDT. Ask questions about the 100 types of arthritis, prevention, early diagnosis, treatment, and more! It’s a perfect way to share important arthritis research information during September Arthritis Awareness Month. Arthritis Research Canada conducts practical research for everyday living. We work for and with patients to ensure that our research is relevant, meaningful and helpful.

For those who aren’t familiar with AMAs, they are online interviews hosted on Reddit, a social media platform with almost 330 million active, monthly users. One Reddit user hosts the AMA – in this case, Dr. Diane Lacaille – and others – like you – participate by asking questions.

Some Facts About Reddit AMAs

  • You need to create an account to participate in an AMA. Go to https://www.reddit.com/ and click “sign up” in the upper right corner.
  • Participants can ask questions about absolutely anything.
  • The community – people participating in the AMA – vote on the questions they like the most, and those most popular questions rise to the top of the AMA comment section. 


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