Stop Osteoarthritis

After a Sports Injury

In Canada, about 500,000 youth hurt their knees every year while playing sports. Half of them go on to develop osteoarthritis within 10 years.

Injuries often lead to weaker muscles, lower physical activity levels, and weight gain. These factors, combined with the initial injury, increase a person’s risk of developing osteoarthritis, which is a serious disease. It is NOT a normal consequence of aging or normal ‘wear and tear’ of the joint and is characterized by deterioration and loss of joint cartilage, joint swelling, formation of bone spurs, joint pain and loss of muscle function.

Osteoarthritis is a big problem. It is estimated that, by 2040, 12 million Canadians will have it, forcing them to deal with pain and other symptoms for decades.

That’s why we’ve created a unique, online, exercise-based program to help boost recovery from a knee injury and reduce risk for this life-changing disease.

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Osteoarthritis shouldn't be inevitable after an injury. Find out how we're working to change injury recovery in Canada.

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SOAR Program

This unique program aims to improve a person's ability to self-manage their osteoarthritis risk after a sports injury.

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