The Arthritis Newsletter

Spring 2014




In order to better reflect who we are and what we do, the Consumer Advisory Board (CAB) has changed its name to the Arthritis Patient Advisory Board (APAB). The patient advisory board for ARC Quebec is called Comité Aviseur des Patients de Quebéc.


This change is the result of a long and thoughtful re-branding process, in which it became apparent that the word “consumer” did not accurately represent the patient’s role in the health care decision-making process today.  We do not “consume” health care; we are empowered and active participants in all aspects of our health.   The “Patient” has transformed from a passive and even submissive receiver of health care, to someone who engages in informed shared decision making with their health care professionals.


With that, APAB’s commitment to promoting patient engagement in health research has not changed. We will continue to actively collaborate on research studies at the Arthritis Research Centre of Canada, move forward with our ongoing knowledge translation initiatives and work to ensure the patient perspective is represented in research matters linked to prevention, treatment and effective self-management of all types of arthritis.

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