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Fall 2016

How your support is leading research, finding answers and saving lives.


Robin-Hill-pictureMeet Robin Hill – He’s living proof that donor support of arthritis research is CHANGING lives.


From the time he was a young boy in England, Robin Hill has always enjoyed playing sports and physical activity.


As a father of three, Robin spent considerable time coaching his kids’ field hockey and soccer teams while playing competitive sports himself and keeping fit. Robin has lived a very active life and eventually, it took a toll on his body, leading to the development of chronic Osteoarthritis (OA) in both knees when he was in his thirties.


And while at first, it was just a twinge of pain going up and down the stairs, eventually his OA became so increasingly painful that it would keep him up at night.


“I lived in pain on an ongoing basis for 35 years. I had become so used to enduring the pain that I became desensitized to it and didn’t realize that wasn’t the norm,” shares Robin.


Robin participated in an OA research study led by Arthritis Research Canada Scientist, Dr. Jolanda Cibere.  The knee pain study focused on developing a tool for the diagnosis of early knee osteoarthritis based on symptoms, knee examination findings and OA risk factors.  Robin was followed for five years, both prior to and after having to undergo two knee replacement surgeries at 67 and 71 years of age.  At the time of his surgeries, doctors described both sides of his knee cap as looking like volcanic rock – the result of years of wear and tear.


Amazingly, today Robin has “no pain in his knees whatsoever” and his life has so dramatically improved that he exercises every day and often goes on two hour long hikes. He notes the ability to walk up and down stairs as the most significant transformation.


Robin credits the research study that he took part in for helping him better understand the progression of his arthritis and manage his condition – he believes that being educated through arthritis research has been absolutely key in his decision making process for knee replacement surgeries. The change in his quality of life has been extraordinary.


Donor support plays a key role in advancing arthritis research by providing the funding necessary for practical research that is helping reduce the burden of arthritis for patients like Robin. Robin is living proof of the incredible impact of donor support.  He and many other patients are very grateful for those who contribute to Arthritis Research Canada.


Quote: “By being involved in the research study, I had a greater understanding of my condition. Understanding my circumstances and being able to react to them, based on the advice of experts, helped me get back my quality of life.”  ~ Robin Hill


Please Join Us In Making Arthritis Research A Priority.


Arthritis Research Canada is deeply grateful for the kind support of each and every one of our donors.  Each dollar given is efficiently and effectively used to fund leading-edge research that is changing and saving lives.


We are pleased to share Robin’s story with you as September is Arthritis Awareness month, please consider making a gift to arthritis research now.




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