Arthritis Research Canada Celebrating GivingTuesday.
December 3rd


Largest clinical arthritis research centre in North America raising awareness of a global movement to celebrate day of giving. 


VANCOUVER, BC – On December 3rd, Arthritis Research Canada will join thousands in celebrating GivingTuesday. A day dedicated to a global generosity movement, unleashing the power of people and organizations to transform their communities and their world.  The day harnesses the potential of social media and marks the start of the giving season. This yearly event, aims to inspire people to give in whatever way is meaningful to them – donating, volunteering, or simple acts of kindness.

More than 6 million Canadians, young and old, are affected by one or more of the 100 forms of arthritis. GivingTuesday is an important opportunity for Arthritis Research Canada to highlight and thank those across Canada who make life-saving arthritis research possible: generous donors, volunteers, patient partners, and our team of world class scientific researchers.

It is also an opportunity to shine a spotlight on a disease that can have life-threatening complications. “Arthritis is an invisible, debilitating disease that affects people of all ages. Within the next two decades it is estimated that one in four Canadians will have some form of arthritis,” says Dr. John Esdaile, Arthritis Research Canada’s scientific director. “Our research is aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis, better treatment and improved quality of life. GivingTuesday provides a platform to raise awareness about the importance of arthritis research and the incredible impact of donor and volunteer support,” says Esdaile.

Arthritis Research Canada is currently conducting over 75 research studies across the country, exploring every possible avenue of discovery aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis, better treatment, and improved quality of life. Our research scientists are addressing the breadth of the 100 forms of arthritis through a diverse set of disciplines, including: rheumatology, orthopedics, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, pharmacy, rehabilitation science, public health, epidemiology, health psychology and behavioural change, health economics, health systems assessment, biostatistics, education, pediatrics, and knowledge translation. We are determined to reduce the burden of this disease.

Arthritis is serious and it is only through arthritis research that we can find answers and save lives. Our goal at Arthritis Research Canada is for all people with arthritis to have the care and treatment they need to thrive. Please join us with your support this holiday season.

For more information about Arthritis Research Canada, please visit: https://www.arthritisresearch.ca

Arthritis Research Canada is the largest clinical arthritis research centre in North America. Our mission is to transform the lives of people living with arthritis through research and engagement. Led by world-renowned rheumatologist, Dr. John Esdaile, Arthritis Research Canada’s scientific team of over 100 are creating a future where people living with arthritis are empowered to triumph over pain and disability. Within British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec, Arthritis Research Canada is leading research aimed at arthritis prevention, early diagnosis, better treatment, and improved quality of life.

For more information, please contact:
Arthritis Research Canada
604-207-4002 or mc@arthritisresearch.ca

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