You Have the Will to Make a Difference!

By giving even a small portion of your estate to charity, you can have a significant impact on the causes you care about, and still support those you love. Wills are powerful tools for social change.

Arthritis Research Canada is proud to be a Founding Partner of a national movement – Will Power™ – that seeks to create awareness and to make it easier for Canadians to plan which charities they wish to support in their Wills. By visiting the website, you can calculate the impact of your legacy gift, and connect with advisors who can recommend next steps.

Helping 6 million Canadians & Future Generations

When you give to Arthritis Research Canada, you are directly supporting research that helps people triumph over arthritis – from children with juvenile idiopathic arthritis to seniors with osteoarthritis and all ages in between.

Arthritis Research Canada does research like no one else and we are committed to reducing the burden of arthritis for all Canadians. We know research holds the answers. Our team of scientists are leading innovative studies and finding practical solutions for everyday living to help people with arthritis overcome the daily challenges of dealing with pain and disability.

Arthritis research is only possible with donor support. A charitable gift in your Will is another way to make a big difference.

“As a rheumatologist and scientist, I have seen firsthand the tremendous impact that arthritis research can have in transforming the lives of people living with arthritis. The generosity of donors is integral to ensuring vital arthritis research continues and legacy giving provides an amazing opportunity for donors to carry on supporting what is important to them – now and for future generations.” – Dr. Diane Lacaille, Scientific Director, Arthritis Research Canada

Even a Little Goes a Long Way

Consider an average Canadian estate of $845k. You probably want to leave the majority of your estate to your loved ones. But what if you left a small portion of your estate – even 5% of it – to your charity of choice? That small percentage translates to a $42,000 donation, a bigger impact than most of us would ever be able to make during our lifetime. Imagine what could be accomplished with a donation of that size! See what kind of impact you can make using our legacy calculator.

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