HELP! I can’t sleep.

Arthritis & Insomnia – Can CBTi Improve Sleep?

At least 70% of people with arthritis experience insomnia.

They struggle to fall asleep, stay asleep or wake early. But lack of sleep is about more than being tired when you have arthritis. It can worsen pain and fatigue and even amplify mental health problems.

Only half of people who have arthritis and struggle with sleep talk to their doctors about it. In fact, there seems to be a belief that insomnia is just part of having arthritis. This is not true. There are effective treatments, they just need to be tailored for people with arthritis.

Sleep experts recommend using cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia (CBTi), which involves learning new strategies and behaviours to promote sleep rather than medications. However, CBTi is not widely available in Canada.

We’re working to change this by tailoring and testing a CBTi program for people with arthritis that is delivered online.

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Insomnia can make pain and arthritis symptoms worse. Find out how we're working to treat it.

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We're tailoring a unique, online program for people with arthritis who are struggling with sleep.

Studying CBTi for Arthritis

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