Messages Of Hope...

“A gift of research is a gift of hope”

– Dr. John Esdaile, Scientific Director

“Information is power”

– Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board

“You are giving hope to people like me. Although I am 93 years old I still have hope that research will find some relief for us who suffer from arthritis.”

– Mrs. C, donor & arthritis patient

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“A gift of research is a gift of hope” Dr. John Esdaile, ARC Scientific Director


“Tamara – The endurance & positive personality you shared brightened my day – as I am coping with widowhood after 56 years of a wonderful marriage – 6 children and 20 grandkids.” Dora, Donor


“You are NOT your arthritis” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“You are giving hope to people like me. Although I am 93 years old I still have hope that research will find some relief for us who suffer from arthritis.” Mrs. C, donor & arthritis patient


“Information is Power” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“Your strength inspires me daily and helps me fundraise persistently to fund critical arthritis research.” Brett, ARC Staff


“I have a bit of arthritis so I know how painful it can be. I pray that in 2017 that they find a cure to help with the pain & disability.” Theresa R., donor & arthritis patient.


“Your courage in the face of pain makes us all the more determined to find answers.” Patti Nakatsu, Director of Development



“YOU hold the key of hope when you support research.” Dr. Linda Li, ARC Senior Research Scientist


“Treat yourself to positive thoughts – you are your attitude.” Jon, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“I am hoping research will determine which biologics are suited for individual pateints. Always look forward to the future.” B. Palmer, living with Rheumatoid Arthritis


“When you learn, teach. When you get, give. – Maya Angelou” ARC Research Staff


“Invest in the future, invest in progress, invest in scientific talent, and invest in a great organization.” Lianne, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board & ARC Fellow Circle


“Empowered patients are inspiring” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board



“As a researcher and lupus specialist, I am thankful for your ongoing support and faith in our work towards a healthier future.” Dr. Antonio Avina, ARC Research Scientist


“Be mindful of your activity levels. Walk, be social, and have fun.” Kevin, ARC Staff


“You can do this!” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“I hope that 2017 brings everyone a reason to smile.” Lynn, ARC Research Staff


“Advocate for yourself” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“You are the expert of YOU!” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“You are not alone! We want to know your story.” ARC Research Staff


“Be good to yourself” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board



“End Arthritis with a Gift to Research” Shauneen Kellner, Executive Director


“You are NOT your arthritis” Volunteer, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“Early warm-up exercises every day, Helps keep those winter blues away.” Jon, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board


“You are not your arthritis!” Eric, ARC Statistician


“A hero is an ordinary individual who finds the strength to persevere and endure in spite of overwhelming obstacles – Christopher Reeve.” ARC Research Staff


“Deliver a sprinkle of angel dust to those you love, for angel dust is the secret ingredient in a smile, a moonbeam, a dimple, a ray of sunlight, a rainbow, a baby’s laugh, a first kiss, and a mother’s love. Never give up hope.” Ute, Donor 


“Wishing you a blessed Christmas and better days.” Anonymous Donor


“You are very brave and all of us look forward to the time when there are breakthroughs in medications and threatment that will help you.” Charmaine, Donor


“May God speed your work and bring a cure this season.” Anonymous Donor


“Best wishes for a holiday filled with love, peace, and joy!” Anonymous Donor


“To all who are suffering, not to give up. (I did not). We can be thankful for our Doctors, (for me, Dr. Esdaile and Dr. Avina), who are taking care of us! Best wishes and warm regards.” Edith, Donor


“As an arthritis patient advisory board member, I am giving hope this holiday season by donating to ARC” Annette, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board & Donor


“I encourage those who arthritis to triumph over pain and diability thru learning as much as they can about their health”Annette, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board & Donor


“Wishing Everyone a magical Holiday Season. I wish to say I am so inspired by all of the people who participate in our research and wellness programs. Your strength and desire to both learn and take control of your own health is so encouraging and makes a huge difference in advancing arthritis research. I look forward to working with more of you in the New Year!”June, ARC Research Staff


“My special holiday message is, “have more fun!”. Volunteering can help you feel better too.”Annette, Arthritis Patient Advisory Board & Donor


“A blessed Christmas and better health in the new year!”Olga, Donor


“Wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Personally, I am a victim of arthritis, hoping more research will be able to ease the pain and disability.”Shirley, Donor


“Know that many admire your courage and cheerfulness. Best wishes for a Merry Christmas.”Valerie, Donor


“A man who lost his arms and legs said he looks at what he has left – not what he has lost. Let us all look at so much we still have.”Marilyn, Donor


“There is hope in finding a cure.”N.M., Donor


“Wishing everyone a safe and happy holiday. Thank you to the doctors and researchers for your hard work.”Margaret, Donor


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Please take a moment to write a message of encouragement to those with arthritis…

My Special Holiday Message:

Please take a moment to write a message of encouragement to those with arthritis…

My Special Holiday Message:

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Give the gift of hope this holiday season. Give the gift of research.

tamara_proI know I look young. It’s something that I’ve been told all of my life. I have a youthful appearance. But when you look at my hands, they look like the hands of an elderly person, twisted and painfully gnarled with arthritis. I’m only 44, but I have the hands of an 85 year old.

I’m a young woman, trapped inside an old woman’s body.

My name is Tamara and I was diagnosed with Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis at six years of age. As a child living with a chronic disease, I didn’t have the easiest time of it, struggling to fit in and to be understood. More than anything I wanted to take part in gymnastics like my sister, but my joints couldn’t handle it and I was forced to watch life from the sidelines. I often wondered what my future would be like in a body that wasn’t constantly attacking itself from within.

Yet, despite the chronic pain and difficulties I’ve faced, I have an energy and enthusiasm for life that can’t be quelled. I’ve pursued my dreams passionately, working as a television reporter, radio host, writer and editor for 20 years, before becoming an entrepreneur, getting married, and giving birth in 2009 to our precious little boy Finn, now 7.


The love of my family is what keeps me fighting.

As you may know, there are more than 100 different types of arthritis, and mine manifests in all of my joints, resulting in pain, inflammation, damage, deformity and so far 13 arthritis related surgeries. Having Finn accelerated the pressure on my body. My joints have literally been worn out, leading to a hip replacement, shoulder replacement and multiple hands and feet surgeries. There are still many more surgeries in my future.

For me, living with arthritis is like a second full time job. From the surgeries, pre-op testing, rehabilitation, appointments and blood tests, it’s a job that I can never take time off from and it costs me dearly.

Yet, despite the searing pain and debilitating inflammatory attacks, I have seen so much progress thanks to arthritis research. The way that Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) is treated today is like night and day from when I was first diagnosed as a child, and there are so many more options and medications available today that are transforming people’s lives.

As a passionate advocate, I readily share my story with anyone who will listen, because the only thing that will make a difference for someone like me, and the only way we can all move forward, is through research. Research holds the key to the promise of life. It is this promise that compels me to enthusiastically encourage those who I know and meet to support arthritis research.  Particularly at this time of year when many of us consider our charitable gifts – as part of the giving season and for the benefit of a year-end tax receipt.  Please make a special holiday gift to fund critical arthritis research today that will find new answers NOW to ease the burden of arthritis.

After having Finn, I was fortunate enough to become a patient of Dr. John Esdaile, one of the most eminent rheumatologists in the world and Scientific Director of Arthritis Research Canada. At the time, I was hesitant to take my arthritis medicines, because my arthritis doesn’t respond very well to meds and there are many scary side effects, such as an increased risk for cancer.

Dr. Esdaile helped me to understand, by not taking my medication, the inflammation would run rampant throughout my body and I would be at a much greater risk for a life-threatening complication, like a heart attack or stroke. He is the reason I’m on the medications now and it’s research like this, that donors like you help fund, that is changing the way arthritis is diagnosed and treated, giving new hope to the over 5.2 million Canadians now living with arthritis.

During this special time of year, when so many of us are celebrating the holidays with family, I can’t help but think about my fears for my own family’s future and at times it’s overwhelming. Yet, I’m an eternal optimist, always thirsty for new experiences and adventures that keep me going. I’m still here, learning and living, and knowing that I have to keep fighting. I have my family and my precious little boy counting on me.

Please help the millions of families like mine by giving the gift of hope this holiday season – give the gift of research. Make a special holiday gift to accelerate life changing and life-saving arthritis research today.

With thanks,


Tamara Komuniecki Arthritis Patient & Advocate

“This holiday season, you can give the gift of hope. Give the gift of research and help find new answers now to help the millions of people like Tamara who are fighting arthritis today.”  –  Dr. John Esdaile


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