The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2017

Hear us ROAR: Annual Reaching Out with Arthritis Research Forum Coming this Fall

Read on and find out why you should attend this year’s interactive ROAR Forum on Oct. 21.

September is Arthritis Awareness Month. Discover the many ways to support arthritis research.


Arthritis Awareness Month is all about drawing attention to a disease that affects over 5.2 million Canadians. Find out how you can make an impact by supporting arthritis research.

Tips and Tricks for Managing Expectations


Don’t get caught off guard when your expectations aren’t met after a diagnosis, treatment or surgery. Read these tips and tricks on managing expectation.

Back to the Books


Managing post-secondary education while living with arthritis.

The Chronic Couple: Managing Arthritis with a Partner


It can be difficult navigating any relationship, let alone one where one or both people have arthritis. Read one couple’s perspective and advice on dealing with this chronic disease in a relationship.

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