The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2015

Newly Diagnosed with Inflammatory Arthritis: What Will Happen, and How You’ll Cope.


The issues around a new diagnosis of inflammatory arthritis.

ROAR 2015 – Osteoarthritis and You: What You Can Do NOW!


A brief history of ROAR events, and how they are helpful to arthritis patients.

Arthritis Awareness Month


As we celebrate the beginning of September and ARTHRITIS AWARENESS MONTH, we also celebrate the amazing and generous donors who make arthritis research a priority. Arthritis Research Canada (ARC) is honoured to have your support and is working hard to advance arthritis research for the more than 4.6 million Canadians affected by this disease.

The Internet, You and Your MD – Three Partners in a Relationship


The internet has made navigating the abundance of information about arthritis challenging, but there is much value in coordinating the efforts of doctors, patients and information.

Smoking: When It’s Good to be a Quitter


Understand the risks to your health caused by smoking, the potential benefits to stopping and the support options which exist to help you quit.

Tips for Easier Gardening With Arthritis Using the 3 P’s


Does joint pain keep you from exercising your green thumbs? These smart tips can help you manage arthritis symptoms and still enjoy gardening.

An Exciting Discovery


Finding new and effective means of combating rheumatoid arthritis is the life’s work of countless researchers around the world. Recently, a Quebec researcher has found something new and promising.

Consumers as Partners: Recruitment and Retention a Challenge


The authors describe what Cochrane Canada is, what it does and why it is important to arthritis research in Canada.

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