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Fall 2012



Fall.  For most of us it brings back memories of kicking fallen leaves as we walk on our way to a fresh year of school.  Suddenly, the languid days of summer are over and the serious part of the year begins.

Thank you Donors


Did you know that the word “arthritis” is used to describe more than 100 rheumatic diseases and conditions that affect joints, causing pain, swelling, and stiffness, often leading to disability?

What do you know about "Adherence"?


At the 2012 Canadian Rheumatology Association Conference, the attending CAB members were introduced to the role of “adherence” in health care.  It soon became clear that this was an important issue and one that called for more information—information that could then be passed on to the readers of The Arthritis Newsletter.

Eight Study Tips for Students with Arthritis


Working toward a college degree is a challenge in and of itself, but when paired with arthritis it can seem downright impossible. Here are some tips I’ve used to make studying an easier and more fun experience when you’re suffering from arthritis.

Cochrane Symposium 2012


CAB members, Sheila Kerr, Colleen Maloney, and Nadia Prestley received stipends from The Canadian Cochrane Centre to attend the Cochrane Canada Symposium 2012 in Winnipeg this May.

Creaky Knees


I have to make choices every day about how to live with Osteoarthritis (OA), a disease of joint cartilage and surrounding tissues. You would think that I am a senior, but I am in my mid 50’s and among a growing number of middle aged OA sufferers. How did this happen?

Arthritis Awareness Month Events and websites that may interest you!


It is Arthritis Awareness month and the Consumer Advisory Board members would like to highlight a few arthritis initiatives and websites for our readers.

Bring Hope to Others: La Passeggiata


My mother, Antonietta, arrived in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Pier 21 on September 14, 1951 from Northern Italy.


Sticking to Your Plan- A patient’s perspective


Following up on Anne Townsend’s information on “adherence” and “compliance” with respect to medical advice, it appears that actively involving patients in the consultation process produces a more successful health outcome.


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