The Arthritis Newsletter

Fall 2011

The Fall Issue: Back to Work and Back to School


“Season of mists and mellow fruitfulness”—– so wrote poet, John Keats, in his famously beautiful “Ode to Autumn”—-and the Fall season is redolent of ripening and the rich rewards of the harvest.

Employment and Arthritis: Making it Work


You have arthritis and you’re having a difficult time at work.  What’s your biggest challenge – fatigue –pain – stress – inability to meet work productivity – depression?

Workplace "Accommodation": What Is It and How Does It Apply?


You’re a working person who suddenly finds that you have arthritis.  At first, you may deny that the condition is impairing or interfering with your performance on the job (and perhaps in the early phases of the disease that may be the case) but as the disease progresses, you find yourself having more and more difficulty discharging your primary responsibilities.

Endings and Beginnings: The ART in Arthritis


What does a diagnosis of arthritis mean to the millions of Canadians who have the disease?  It means change!

Make Volunteering Work For You!


People volunteer for a number of different reasons, and volunteers come from diverse employment backgrounds.

Bring Hope To Others: Linda Wilhelm Part 1


Linda Wilhelm is the Atlantic Canada representative and Co-Chair for the Consumer Advisory Council.

CPPD Explained


One of the most stressful decisions a person with arthritis is faced with is whether or not to continue working.

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